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mo.-fr. 16.00-18.30,
sa. 10.00-13.00 cet
or on appointment

please visit our
mibe TEAM -

our discountsystem
for TT-equipment:

all orders up to

      40,-- Euro   5%
over 75,-- Euro  10%
over125,-- Euro  15%
over175,-- Euro  20%
over300,-- Euro  25%

* not guilty for grouporders/salespartners,
books, TT- tables,TT-robots, spezialoffers, seasoningoffers and phase out articles.


our conception is still alive!

          • kindness
          • professional competence
          • manifold range of products
          • sportsmanship
          • moderate prices
          • flexibility

Theese are some facts that characterize mibe-TEAM!

Our customers are also our fellows of sport .

thats why we wish you a “GUT SPORT!” (lucky match)

more informations about our company you’ll find at following pages.

read more at:    “the company” and  “carreers”


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