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all orders up to

      40,-- Euro   5%
over 75,-- Euro  10%
over125,-- Euro  15%
over175,-- Euro  20%
over300,-- Euro  25%

* not guilty for grouporders/salespartners,
books, TT- tables,TT-robots, spezialoffers, seasoningoffers and phase out articles.


head of company:
Klaus Hock

Obertshäuser Str. 62

D - 63150 Heusenstamm

phone:  +49 (0)6106 - 77 28 567

fax: +49 (0)6106 - 77 28 569




competent agencies:

Regierungsbezirk Darmstadt:  the Regierungspräsident

competent courts of justice: AG Offenbach, LG Offenbach and OLG Frankfurt

competent board of trade: IHK-Offenbach

Gouvernment of tax: FA Offenbach-Land, StNr 044 828 00 205

competent lokal government.: look ati

contental executive according § 6 MDStV: Klaus Hock, adress on top

statutory provisions:

common statutory provisions are guilty.

disclaimer of law:

1. Content
The author reserves the right not  to be responsible for the qualitiy, topicality, completeness, or correctness of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect,will therefore be rejected.
All offers are not-binding and without obligation. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement.

2. Referrals and links
The author is not  responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages - unless he has full knowledge of illegal contents and would be able to prevent the visitors of his site fromviewing those pages. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be  liable, not the one who has linked to these pages. Furthermore the author is not liable for any postings or messages published by users of discussion boards, guestbooks or mailinglists provided on his page.

3. Copyright
The author intended not to use any copyrighted material for the publication or, if not possible, to indicate  the copyright of the respective object.
The copyright for any material created by the author is reserved. Any duplication or use of objects such as images, diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author's agreement.

4. Privacy policy
If the opportunity for the input of personal or business data (email addresses, name, addresses) is given,  the input of these data takes place voluntarily. The use and payment of all offered services are permitted - if and so far technically possible and reasonable - without specification of any personal data or under specification of anonymized data or an alias. The use of published postal addresses, telephone  or fax numbers and email addresses for marketing purposes is prohibited,  offenders sending unwanted spam messages will be punished.

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were  referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal  or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

Klaus Hock, march  2007

Secure data? Of course!
Giving us your personal data is a great proof of trust. For that reason we treat your personal data absolutely confidential. You can be assured that no third party will get your data. On that you can rely!

1. Warranty
For all products the warranty as given by the manufacturer applies. If a customer wants to make a claim to the warranty he can send the goods back mibe TEAM, along with a copy of the purchase bill.  Depending on the product, mibe TEAM or the manufacturer will determine whether the defect comes under the manufacturers warranty. If the defect doesn´t  come under the warranty, in many cases the product can be repaired at the  expense of the customer.

2. Shipping
mibe TEAM reserves the right of changing specifications and prices of products. In case of a rise the customer will be informed before shipping the order. Pictures are only meant  as illustrations. However, we take great care in making them as realistic as  possible.

3. Payment
Depending on the type of shipping and  the destination, mibe TEAM offers several ways of payment:
Bank transfer in advance on our  account (bank data on request)
Cash On Delivery (please request if possible for your country)
The payment will always take place in Euro.

4. VAT, import duty and customs duty
For shipping to countries outside of the European Union the amount paid to mibe TEAM includes the air freight and delivery to the street address that you provide but does not include any of the  following:
- Any VAT or sales tax that might be owed your government
-  Any customs duty that might be owed your government

5. Returns and refunds
Returns are accepted within 30 days after purchase. mibe TEAM will refund the entire purchase price of any UNUSED item. The customer is still  responsible for the freight charges both to the customer and back to us. In case mibe TEAM made a mistake in shipping the goods, all freight charges are  credited.

6. Disclaimer
mibe TEAM is not liable for any  damages related to the sold products, regardless of the cause of the damage (such as but not limited to malfunction, misuse or incorrect instructions).

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